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Made from the planet

The Water Bottle that's Pure , Practical & made from Plants

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I'm made from plants

Every S'wheat bottle is uniquely made from plant-based materials such as bamboo and wheat straw. At S'wheat we only use bamboo that is already cut down (which would otherwise be burnt, realising tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere). When you buy a S'wheat bottle you aren't just getting an awesome bottle you're saving our planet!

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Double Ended Water Bottle Easy To Clean

You're saving our oceans!

16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill everyday in the UK alone. That's why at S'wheat for every one bottle you buy we reinvest a portion of profits to remove plastic from our oceans and save sea life. By buying a S'wheat bottle you dont just get an awesome bottle, you save countless sea creatures, you're a hero!

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Carbon Neutral

S'wheat is a carbon neutral brand, giving back to our Earth.

Repurposes Waste

Using bamboo that otherwise would have went to waste. 

Profits Reinvested

A portion of our profits is used to clean up our oceans.