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Highland Cow reusable bottles designed in Scotland

Designed In Scotland

Our products are designed in Edinburgh, Scotland. We combine natural materials with patent-pending, practical designs to make sustainable products that stand the test of time.

Plastic pollution in oceans, live sustainably

Created To Save Our Oceans

It is time to turn the tide on plastic pollution. That's why for every S'wheat bottle sold, we donate a portion of our profits to remove plastic from our oceans and beaches.

Reusable water bottle for running walking outdoors

Made For The Outdoors (Or At Your Desk During Lockdown!)

You enjoy time outdoors, so do we. This inspired us to create one of the lightest, most durable reusable bottles on the market. So that you can stay hydrated wherever you are.

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Pure, Practical & Made From Plants

We re-utilise waste bamboo and wheat straw that would otherwise be burnt after harvesting, to create a truly sustainable water bottle.

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Prue Leith's Review

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S'wheat Customer Reviews

Absolutely love my pink S'wheat bottle! I'm finally rembering to drink whilst I'm working!

Katie Hitchin

We love our S'wheat bottle so much, great for us as we drink loads of water. Love the idea that we are reducing our plastic waste, we recycle but this feels like we're doing something better!

Jill Carr

This bottle is amazing! No problems with leaks and so easy to clean. Buying another one on Friday!

Carol Lee


The World's First Reusable Plant Bottle

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